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At the beginning of the school year 2018/2019, the Erasmus+ club was created and all Wednesdays afternoon (ninety minutes) all students can attend on voluntary basis at first to know more about the program and to participate on the activities. With the progress of the project the students involved in LTTA meet and work on the topics, on the activities planning and implementation.
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In November, we ran our own logo contest for the Erasmus+. In ICT classes, students make their logo proposal and at the end, they selected one that was sent to the coordinator in Germany in order to take part to the poll.
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3-Digital-Erasmus+ board -LTTAs Welcome

Students created an Erasmus+ Board with information about the different schools in the project and the activities carried out all along the two school years. It was displayed in the school lobby, were all the students and visitors (teachers, parents...) could see and follow the activities carried out. On The LTTAs a welcome board was displayed in the multi-purpose space.

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Art as a vehicle for raising awareness of social and political problems

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Active Citizenship in a diverse EU

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SmartUP Tutorial Volunteerism Nursing Home Murça

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Art project and exhibition “BLUE SHOES”

The art teacher worked on the concept of structure and combined it with the family structure and its dynamics.
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3-Digital-Erasmus+ board -LTTAs Welcome