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Art as a vehicle for raising awareness of social and political problems

The problem of refugees in the song “Amor em tempo de muros” (Love in a time of walls) de Pedro Abrunhosa
The students who participated in LTTA Italy (February 2019) were impressed with the visit to the refugee reception centre in Reggio-Calabria, they brought this theme to the Erasmus Club and shared the experience with their colleagues through reports and photos so everyone was more attentive to the problem which almost daily appears in the news. Regarding the theme, in Portuguese language classes they analysed the lyrics of the song "Amor em tempo de muros" by Pedro Abrunhosa (a well-known Portuguese singer). The intention was to personally interview the singer. The students contacted him and he kindly replied but in the immediate impossibility of giving them the interview, he referred them to an interview that he had given to a television channel precisely about that song and the refugee’s problem in America but also in Europe and about the role of artists and their social position in raising awareness of social problems.
With all this information, they organized an Erasmus + Club session where they presented the interview (which explores various political and social issues) and the video clip and the lyrics of the song followed by reflection and discussion on the topic of refugees and on the role of art in society. They ended the session singing with Pedro Abrunhosa and with a phrase he mentioned in the interview: "Poetry does not change the world but it changes that moment when we read it".