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Board decoration

The board decoration took place on the 1st and the 2nd of November. A group of students volunteered to find out information about our partner schools in other countries, for our fellow students to look at. The students came up with some really nice ideas which applied on the board and this is the result of it.
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Logo creation contest

1st - 10th November
Some very creative students were able to implement the meaning of the program into a small, but extraordinary logo. They had 10 days to come up with an idea and share it with the rest of the group.

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Red Cross fund raising event

13 November-The students took part in a fund-raising event and gave their valuable assistance in creating beautiful pots which they sold and contributed to the cause.
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Renovating a place

Our Art Teacher gave students a lesson on how painting should be done as well as what needs to be considered for the place we chose to paint (a living room of Ap. Pavlos Home which hosts people with special needs).
Then, the Erasmus+ students " Smart up Europe" paid a visit to the place which they are going to renovate. The place belongs to a centre for people with special needs and accommodates some of them. Our Erasmus students are planning to renovate and turn it into a beautiful room. A
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Renovation in action - Applying the first brush strokes

12 December 2018
Erasmus students had the chance today to practise their talent in painting
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ERASMUS + questionnaire

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Progress made by the Cyprus Erasmus team and future activities

Progress made by the Cyprus Erasmus team and future activities
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Final touch of our project work

Furnishing the living room with the right furnishing essentials was very important
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A visit to the guest house

All the students of the programme paid a visit the guest house whose living room they had renovated. The place belongs to a centre for people with special needs and accommodates some of them. There they had the chance to meet the residents and spent some time with them. They also gave them some presents.
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Blood Donation

Blood Donation Day February 11, 2020

Our School and the Parents' Association organized a blood donation Day on Tuesday, February 11, 2020 at the Paralimni School. Almost all the senior students and teachers who are participating in this Erasmus programme contributed to this event by donating their blood. It was an effort which was embraced with a lot of enthusiasm and made the whole effort successful.
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Applying Good Practices

The European project "Smart Up Europe for an Optimistic Future" aims at adopting and implementing good practices. The Paralimni High School decided to adopt the Germany organic garden project and set up a greenhouse in the school yard. The purpose of this activity is two-fold: to engage the Special Unit students in the project and at the same time help them interact and collaborate with the rest of the school students and teachers.
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Alpha Live link

Media coverage
A national TV station held a live link media coverage of our effort to create an organic garden in the yard of our school. Students had the chance to talk about the greenhouse construction and all the good practices they have learned through this ongoing process which started in January 2020.