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CYPRUS - Paralimni Lyceum

Paralimni Lyceum is a general school found in the area of Paralimni in Famagusta, a coastal city of Cyprus. It is a school of 650 students aged 15-17 years old and of about 100 teachers.
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GERMAN - The Johann Comenius Schule

Is a secondary school in a rural area in the North of Germany not far from Hamelin home of the famous legend of “The Pied Piper of Hamelin”. The school has about 330 students aged between 11 and 16 years and around 30 teachers.

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FINLAND - Kangasniemen lukio (Kangasniemi secondary school)

Kangasniemen lukio (Kangasniemi secondary school) is a secondary school offering all-round education for three years, after which there is a matriculation examination. The school is relatively small in size; approximately 70 students, 14 teachers, one headmaster and a school secretary. Our high school is situated on a rural but valuable lake district and surrounded by versatile nature.
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SPAIN - The Institute of Secondary Education Santo Domingo

The Institute of Secondary Education Santo Domingo is in El Puerto de Santa María, a city of 80,000 inhabitants in the extreme south of Spain, near the Strait of Gibraltar. We are 64 teachers and about 1000 students, of which about 400 come in the morning and the rest are adults and come to school in the evening. In the morning we teach classes of compulsory secondary education and of baccalaureate of sciences of the health, technology, humanities and social sciences.

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PORTUGAL - The “Agrupamento de Escolas de Murça”

The “Agrupamento de Escolas de Murça” is a group of two schools composed by “Escola Básica e secundária de Murça”(middle school and secondary school) and “Centro Escolar de Murça” ( preschool and primary school). The Agrupamento de Escolas de Murça have around 660 students and 90 teachers.

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ITALY - Istituto Superiore” Gemelli Careri” Oppido Mamertina

Istituto Superiore” Gemelli Careri” Oppido Mamertina is a secondary school with five different specializations : IT, agriculture , business /marketing , surveyors , and a Lyceum. The school is located in Oppido Mamertina and Taurianova, small towns in Calabria ( South Italy). It has 703 students and 113 teachers.